Artisan Is Permanently Closing Down

Well I was planning on seeing you all again on May 17th but sadly we are now permanently closing down due to a proposed change in the way we have to rent the studio which would mean another high rent increase, also a proposed loss of sole use of the studio which means that our huge art kit would not be secure and sharing the studio wouldn’t work for us, all leading to a lack of control, lack of long term security and financial viability for us.

There has also been a serious security issue with our premises been left unlocked by our landlords for over 24 hours allowing anyone into the studio to help themselves to our kit!

Sadly, all this makes it not viable for us to continue in our current venue.

I am sorry that I don’t have the oomph to find a new home and transfer all our kit and start again. We have moved once before and it is exhausting for us and our clients don’t cope well with change, and it takes a year for the business to recover from the impact of a move.

I had a great year ahead planned with lots of new developments and we have had masses of inquiries from new people wanting to take part in all our inclusive weekday sessions and referrals from health & well being agencies and psychiatrists – a new big demand for our services because of the impact of Covid lockdowns on social isolation and mental health.

So end of a wonderful era!

It has been such a delight and a privilege to run the studio for the last 8 years and work with so many wonderful people.

We had such a strong and lovely creative community and I will miss seeing you all.

Thank you all for your support over the last 8 years!

Please note that all your data will be permanently deleted by 30.4.2021

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